A list of tables found in the database `hockus1_001` database appears below.

Create a phpMyEdit script by clicking either Yes or No under the TOGGLE column. Your TOGGLE selection specifies whether or not to create links that enable you to add columns to List mode on-the-fly.

a_test_table NoYes MyISAM 73 144 utf8_general_ci 4,096 table with common field types
change_log NoYes MyISAM 2,892 287 utf8_unicode_ci 103,424 See the change_log features of phpMyEdit
demo1_customers NoYes MyISAM 128 99 utf8_unicode_ci 4,096 Demonstration table
demo1_employees NoYes MyISAM 9 50 utf8_unicode_ci 2,048 Demonstration table
demo1_offices NoYes MyISAM 3 57 utf8_unicode_ci 3,072 Demonstration table
demo1_order_details NoYes MyISAM 2,933 27 utf8_unicode_ci 38,912 Demonstration table
demo1_orders NoYes MyISAM 350 66 utf8_unicode_ci 6,144 Demonstration table
demo1_payments NoYes MyISAM 273 35 utf8_unicode_ci 15,360 Demonstration table
demo1_product_lines NoYes MyISAM 2 64 utf8_unicode_ci 2,048 Demonstration table
demo1_products NoYes MyISAM 83 253 utf8_unicode_ci 3,072 Demonstration table

"Yes" selections occur most often with tables having an unusually large number of columns. Where toggle links are selected, set $omit_div_container = 1; to use 100% of the Bootstrap display width.

Column comments found during the next step can be optionally configured using $pme['help_method'] to be displayed as Help in the phpMyEdit script.

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Instantly generate a PHP script to work with MySQL™ MyISAM type tables using MySQLi connection methods with utf8 character sets. A phpMyEdit script will be created for the selected table. Requirements: LAMP or WAMP server environments with PHP 5+ and MySQL™ 5+ installed, plus a basic understanding of how to use PHP, MySQL™, and phpMyAdmin to create MyISAM type database tables.